In my line of work, I have to admit that I’ve seen a lot of dicks. A lot of big, small and medium dicks. The best one for me, I ended up taking home and making my slave – years later, we’re still happy together. He doesn’t mind if I enjoy other dicks on the side sometimes, as long as my heart belongs to him (which it does).

So there is this one handsome baby-faced fellow who possesses a very nice, large dick on his small muscular frame. He’s an old pal of mine, someone I’ve been servicing for years now – a longtime client that I sometimes see around town. He has such a cute face, I always give him a shorter discount session. A mischievous smile and nice eyes, plus an easygoing conversationalist with a perverse mind . . . why not?

Often, we begin by talking about the last time we masturbated. I love thinking about him stroking his large, shapely cock with both hands, grabbing and squeezing it. I run my hands all over his tattooed, muscular body as he recounts how he jerked off into the sink at work. When I hear that detail, I feel my cunt get swollen and tingly. I pull my hands down over his compact chest and rippling stomach, sliding along his hips, longing to take hold of his big hot dick.

But he won’t let me just yet. He likes to watch me masturbate, too. I kneel over his body, opening my legs so he can see my juicy, pouting pussy. I’m getting very tight with arousal. I open my vulva with two fingers and rub my clit with the other hand, slowly.

He breathes out, slowly.

I’m mesmerized by the sight of his grip on his huge cock, as he slides up and down, moving his hips back and forth. I want it inside me so badly. I open my legs.

But he just wants to watch me fondle my cunt, stroke myself with my fingers, vibrating my clit with my fingertips while I lie there with my legs open. I’m thinking about what it would feel like to have his beautiful member inside me, moving in and out of my slick wet cunt.

I take out my glass dildo and warm it up in my mouth, licking it. Now he’s hovering over me, rubbing and squeezing his cock. I push the dildo inside myself while vibrating my hard clit with my other hand. Omigawd. Warm waves of early orgasm flood through my body, making me swell with anticipation. At the same time, I am still enthralled watching him hold his cock in his hand.

It looks so sexy, I can barely stand it.

I open my legs wider and pump the dildo into my cunt at a certain angle that makes me start gushing all over the place. Rubbing my clit, I start rising to an intense orgasm as he jerks off in front of me, getting splashed by my juice.

I cum hard, soaking the sheet, while he lets go at the same time. His hot creamy load of cum shoots all over my stomach. I am holding myself as he orgasms, his eyes lingering as I stick my fingers into my pussy and rub my clit over and over again for more squirting and gushing.

Our cheeks are flushed and pink. We’re surprised at how hot that was, even though we didn’t spend much time touching each other. Just watching, just feeling – that was more than enough.

I can still feel the heat of his body. The secret smile on his face is enough to keep me aroused for awhile yet. I’ll probably cum a few more times once he leaves.

And tonight, I’ll share the memory with my man as he opens my legs and pushes his dick inside me, again and again, leaving me swollen and spent.

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