Welcome Into My Body

Welcome Into My Body

It pleases me to use my body to please you; this is my special gift to the world.

When you’re lying beneath me, flat and relaxed, receptive, surrendered, yearning, wanting . . . That’s when I do my best work. Your limbs want my electric touch, the sweep of my fingers. Your thighs want my smooth, gentle palpations. Your dick wants me to handle it, play with it, feel its hot pink hardness in both my hands.

Welcome into my body. You’re lying on your tummy. I straddle your warm leg as I knead your lower back softly. My bum cheeks and warm vulva are nestled right against your calf, I know you enjoy that. I rub my titties along the backs of your thighs, your ass, sliding over your back and pressing myself against your torso.

We breathe in and out, together. I tickle your inner thighs and perineum with curious fingers, feeling you get hard and restless.

When you turn over, your hands begin playing with my shoulders, arms and breasts in a slow exquisite way, making me tingle. Your skin is very soft and scrubbed clean, which I appreciate. You smell super nice. Your cock keeps getting harder off and on as I rub your whole body, popping up again and again while you roll your head in pleasure. Your hips rise and fall as you draw your orgasm closer in.

My hands are slowly riding up and down the shaft of your cock, gently cupping your balls. The head of your dick quivers as I squeeze and rub it. It’s pulsing thickly; your eyes are closed in ecstasy as you whisper, “It feels so good – you’re going to make me cum!”

Then you spurt all over my hands that keep squeezing and sliding up and down your cock. I feel your hot cum on my hands, on my breasts and tummy. It comes in waves, splashing up on my skin where I rub it around.

I am tingling all over.

Later, I reveal some of these details to my handsome boyfriend as he licks my engorged pussy. He makes me tell him how wonderful your hard dick felt squeezed in between my hands. Again, I can feel your hot cum exploding on me, as I burst into my own orgasm under his wet tongue.

Welcome into my body. I sigh with pleasure. I’m juicy for you, all of you.

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  1. Damn… mmm. I saw you a few years ago (in a few different types of session) and it felt so much like this. I have never felt a more erotically charged touch.

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