On Sexual Fantasies, or the Ethics Thereof

On Sexual Fantasies, or the Ethics Thereof

I’ve often wondered whether it’s ethical to engage in sexual fantasies about certain people or certain activities. “Of course it’s ethical,” you’re probably thinking. Or, “Ethics be damned!” Our mental space is our own personal playground, so we should be able to think whatever we want with impunity. Right?


But if you’re a deep thinker like me, you do consider the ramifications of your thoughts and fantasies. How thoughts can sometimes lead to actions. How thoughts affect the way you treat other people. How thoughts can become overly obsessive and interrupt the normal functioning of your life. How, if everyone thought similar thoughts which led to actions, it could be disastrous for certain segments of the population.

Personally, I believe in certain limits to fantasizing. Yes, even a dirty bird like me possesses morals when it comes to my inner sex life. I don’t fantasize about children, for instance. I don’t fantasize about violent or non-consensual acts. I would really prefer that particular folks like family members don’t fantasize sexually about me. In fact, if I’m friends with someone about whom I’m considering fantasizing, I will generally ask first.

(I understand that when I engage sexually with a person, or post a sexy story, I’m putting it out there that they’re perfectly welcome to fantasize about me all they want. I don’t expect to wield control over that kind of thing. It’s unfair to ask someone not to remember and think about all the juicy experiments we’ve just conducted upon one another’s sweaty bodies, or all the naughty play I’ve just introduced in writing.)

When it comes to friends, I feel like if I engage in fantasizing sexually about them, inevitably it affects the way I see them in the future when we’re hanging out. Compartmentalization is a thing, yes. But I’m such a vivid imaginer that when I see someone next, that amazing 69 session in my daydream comes right to the forefront and it’s hard for me to focus on their words about their child’s daycare situation or whatever.

Plus, it just seems a little creepy to be envisioning your pal naked with their genitals in your face, and then go for lunch the next day to discuss this summer’s camping trips. However you may try, the sexual energy can’t help but leak from one container to the other. Maybe you don’t even notice it, but it’s there.

I used to feel like my own brother fantasized about me (because we engaged in sexual play together as kids) and it made me super uncomfortable. That’s why I don’t want to violate anyone else’s preferences. If they’d rather not be the subject of my fantasies, then I will not do it. Honestly.

It’s a beautiful thing when you have friends with whom fantasies are more than welcome. I know a certain couple who are rather kinky and open, and I’ve played with the woman a bit in previous times. She is a total babe and I like her partner too. My man and I have become good friends with these folks over time, and I know I don’t even need to ask whether I can fantasize about them.

I think about making all three of these people take their clothes off in front of me, and then commandeering their bodies for the next two hours. I lay them all down in a row, side-by-side, with the woman in the middle. I make the men turn toward her and kiss her on the neck and along the side of her beautiful body.

She has the most buttery soft skin, even softer than mine (if that’s possible). They lick her nipples, slowly rub their hands on her breasts and tummy, moving down to her inner thighs. I can hear her moaning and gasping. She wants more, but I won’t let her have it too early. I enjoy feeling her frustration, it fills the atmosphere with a certain hue of risky desperation.

I’m kneeling over them, still dressed. They all beg me to take off my clothes, so I peel off my shirt and pants with quiet deliberation, pausing to make them salivate. The guys run their tongues all over her skin in between glances of longing in my direction.

At this point, she is stroking both their cocks, one in each hand. I know she wants to have one in her mouth and one in her cunt, of course. But I won’t let that happen, this time.

After finally removing my clothing, I hover over them in a tiny, strappy black lingerie bodysuit. They can see the shape of my nipples and my vulva pressing through the satin fabric. They all want to touch me and play with me. But I won’t surrender to them.

They can think about doing it to me, while I make them do it to one another.

Their cocks are becoming stiffer as she wanders her fingers over them. First gently circling the head, and then smoothly and gently squeezing down the shaft and up again. They can’t decide whether to look at her and keep kissing and licking her, or to look at me and imagine doing the same. So their eyes dart back and forth, vulnerably, to me and to her, as they get harder. They are letting out sexy moans, lower than the woman’s.

All of their sounds are music to my ears. I feel swollen in between my legs, my hands are hot and buzzing, my nipples hard and tingling.

I climb on top of their three bodies. I allow them to remove the last bit of my lingerie, which happens with a delightful little frenzy. I straddle the woman’s hips. The men’s hands are hungry, moving up and down over my body and then all over her body again. Back and forth. My hands join the woman’s hands, holding two cocks at the same time, stroking in unison.

The hot energy rises like a twirling hurricane inside me, from my legs up to my throat. I’m moaning now, too. I bend my head and kiss her, then race my tongue down her sternum, dipping into her belly button, and further down to her cunt. I find her little button and slide my tongue over it, first slow and wet, then fast. It’s very hard already, from all the stimulation. She moans. Music, mmmm. The sound of her voice melds with the taste of her wetness.

I release the cocks and begin using both hands on her pussy. One rests above her pubic bone, gently pulling back the hood of her clit. The other sneaks down to penetrate her with three fingers, pushing in and out while I lick her. She opens her legs wide, she’s almost ready to come.

The boys are sucking on her nipples harder and harder. She works her hands over their cocks as they thrust their hips into her.

All at once, I feel her shaking and shuddering as she comes in my mouth. She croons with pleasure, fucking my hand so my fingers push even deeper into her. In her orgasmic excitement, she moves her tight hands even faster and pops both cocks at the same time. I hear the fast breath of the men as they urge her on. Their cum erupts all over her tummy and my face and hands, making a huge sexy-scented wet mess.

After I let them relax for a few minutes, I make them give me a bath and wash it all off with their tongues and hands. Then I lie back and they get to do the same thing to me as we did with the other woman. But I don’t have time to describe it all right now, so that is material for another entry.

If I have everyone’s permission, that is. ; )

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