Is this a vocation, then? To know, replenish and meet every single body with the same dedication, as it were? To truly love every neighbor exactly as thyself? To lay down one’s life for one’s friends?

No wonder Jesus kept company with whores.

There is no one like a whore to explain what it truly means to open one’s heart – to make a willing sacrifice of the body. Jesus learned everything he knew from whores.

I feel in my element this way: powerful, humble, knowing and unknowing. I’m surrendered to the moment, in its depth or (more usually) in its shallow uncertainty.

Perhaps everyone in regular society hates whores because they know the freest, purest kind of love. Love that takes only time and a little sustenance. People want love to mean the deepest possession, but what if it really means the furthest letting-go? What if it means ignoring all or most externalities (besides basic cleanliness?)

There is nothing dirty or bad on this planet. There is, however, what is wrong and wronged. Who are we, now, to blindly proclaim human nature is prim and monogamous when it is anything but? Humans are destroyed by the falling-down of our own weak scaffolding.

I’m blessed to know the curious, engaging possibilities of transpersonal erotic love (although with certain evil bankers it does become personal). Many, if not most, would rather remain on shore and watching these deep dives than participate in them. They excoriate this kind of love because they’re so afraid to surrender to it themselves.

Isn’t it interesting that, aside from survival, this is the main question of humanity down the ages, individually and collectively . . . How to rightly love and be loved in this long, short life.

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